popeVisiting Wadowice you are closer to Saint John Paul II by seeing his birthplace, in very modest house overlooking the church, now basilica, where Karol Wojtyla was baptised, took first Holy Communion and often prayed. This is the place, where he spent his youth, where “everything began” as he said during one of his visits to Wadowice. You can also taste here “Papal cream cakes”, which he recalled when talking to his country people.

FaustynaTrip tracing sister Faustina may include her birthplace, Glogowiec village near Swinice, where she was baptised, then Lodz, where being young girl she worked as domestic help and where she was illuminated by first vision, what made her decide to enter the nunnery. Next place is Warsaw, Zytnia str., the first convent, where she was accepted. Cracow (Lagiewniki district) is the most important place, where she lived for several years and where she died. The place is now one of main centres of pilgrimages, enriched by newly erected sanctuary, blessed by Holy Father in 2002. In old church in Lagiewniki there are her relics, where the faithful pay homage to that Polish saint. In most of Polish churches one can see the image of Jesus, completed with the words “Jesus I trust in you” painted according to Sister Faustina vision.

kolbeAlmost all tourists coming to Poland visit Auschwitz, the former Nazi concentration camp, where they can also see the cell when the Franciscan monk, Maximilian Kolbe died of starvation, offering his life for another prisoner. But only few know Niepokalanow, the place founded by him in 1927, still existing as a Franciscan monastery where Saint Maximilian Kolbe’s museum was established. Well preserved wooden chapel from his time with the adjacent cell where he lived can be visited by pilgrims.


Recommended pilgrimage tour itinerary

Day 1 Arriving to Warsaw, evening mass in the chapel of Divine Mercy convent at Zytnia str. where St. Faustina Kowalska started her life in the convent. Overnight in Warsaw.
Day 2 Trip to Łódź, where in the cathedral St. Faustina had her first vision, visiting her birth place in Glogowiec, with the church where she was baptised and had first holy communion. Overnight in Warsaw
Day 3 Going to Cracow, on the way stop in Czestochowa, where Black Madonna holy icon from 15th c. is kept in Pauline monastery. Overnight in Cracow
Day 4 Visit Lagiewniki (district of Cracow) where St. Faustina lived and died, the centre of Divine Mercy. In the afternoon trip to Wadowice, St. John Paul II, the Pope’s birthplace where the house where he was born, was turned into His museum. Overnight in Cracow.
Day 5 Visit Auschwitz, former nazi concentration camp, where franciscan monk, St. Maximilian Kolbe, died offering his life for another person. Overnight in Cracow.
Day 6 Visiting Cracow with its numerous churches, among others Royal Cathedral, for many years the church of cardinal Karol Wojtyla, future Pope, famous St. Mary’s church, from which every hour bugle call is played. Overnight in Cracow
Day 7 Going back to Warsaw. End of the tour
Price Price for individual tourists, up to 3 persons – 1200 $.
Included Driving in air-conditioned comfortable car, explanation in English
Not included Hotels which tourists can book on their own, entrance tickets to museums, meals.
Price for more persons will be calculated separately, depending on number of participants.
Itinerary is subject of changes which can be negotiated.