What the tourists say

ref_3Dear Renata,
Just a few lines, which I had been meaning to write for you for the last two weeks, to thank you for being such an excellent guide and companion to our party in Poland. Your command of English is wonderful and made everything so easy for us.
With all good wishes
From Hazel (National Trust Group)

ref_1Dear Renata,
We so appreciate the outstanding service you have given us this past week as we explored many beautiful spots around Poland. You were very kind and very attentive to our needs. Thank you very much.
Warm regards,
Jane and Bob Ulrich

ref_4Dear Renata,
I wish to thank you for making my trip to Poland so enjoyable. I will treasure it in my memory always. I had a wonderful time and hope to return again some day.
Petronella Vogt, USA

ref_6Dear Renata,
Many thanks for your special expertise and guidance during our vacation to Poland. It was much more than we expected!
Rose (-)

ref_2Dear Renata:
It was a pleasure meeting you during my recent trip to Poland, visiting the hometowns of my ancestors. After 13 years of research on my family’s genealogy, it was fascinating to see where they lived and finding out about the history of the town first-hand.
You contributed to the success of my trip and will be included in several upcoming articles regarding my travels and family’s history. Many people in the United States have ties to Poland and therefore desire to visit there. Your hospitality in assisting me was greatly appreciated.
Gary Palgon

Dear Renata,
You were wonderful! You really made our trip so special, interesting,informative, and fun! We saw so much and learned so much. Lauren and I have a great feeling about Poland and the Polish people because of you. We thank you so much for all your TERRIFIC efforts on our behalf.
You probably could race at the Daytona! Wow! You are good!
Pls. keep in touch. Thanks again for everything.
Much love from The Travelers – Grace and Lauren